06 Ogos 2009

Tutorial WAJ3105

Title: Operation and Computation
Tutorial 2.3
In group 2 or 3, discuss:
Why and when we need rough estimation?
  • Need to estimate budget when we repair the roof.
  • Estimate marriage budget to make sure we do not over budget.
  • We can calculate faster.
  • Need estimate in our daily life.
  • When we manage our plan wisely when we plan to shopping.
  • When we need to measure huge scales and uncountable things. There are not many things that we can count on our own.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of applying estimation in real life?
  • Best way to calculate the uncountable amount.
  • We can make early preparation.
  • Not need calculator
  • Not wasting
  • make calculating easier

  • Less accurate
  • when we make a bad estimation, we got result
Group work:
Show an example of the mistakes in computation due to lack of understanding in the place value.

Surf the internet to look for information on application in real life.

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