11 Februari 2009

of t-shirt, photoshoot and location

nina, vien and ayin were our friends that responsible in designing our class t-shirt.
so probably we are going to send the design to the printing agent this weekend.
we all hope that you'll be ready with some cash as for the deposit.

usually the t-shirt printing will take up 2 to 3 weeks to complete. so after we receive the t-shirt, we'll be doing a photography session shot by me. so i'd like to know everybody's opinion about the location of our photoshoot.

we can have it indoor, but it'll be less fun.
how about feeling the heat of sunshine, step on the grass and breathe the air of happiness?
we can have the photoshoot in our college, or you can choose some other places.
seaside would be fun, as well as the agro park. (read: the nearest is lagud seberang)

so please leave your feedback on the comment section if you have a blogger account, or just shout your says in the chatbox.

we are keen to know your reply. thank you.

1 ulasan:

~ComeLan~ berkata...

That is a good idea Khay...
And i think Lagud Sebrang is a great place...
So Bonn maybe can arrange for us to go there... it's must be fun...^_^

p.s~selaras dengan kehendak BPG... setiap hari Rabu, kita mesti berkomunikasi dengan menggunakan bahasa Ingeris... Jadi apa tunggu lagi kawan-kawan??? mari kita melatih diri berbahasa Inggeris... jan malu, kalau ada yang salah kita betulkan...